A groundbreaking study unveils a comprehensive global analysis of individual risk perceptions and resilience, revealing significant disparities and the pivotal role of income perception in shaping resilience..

Minh Kieu & Gayani Senanayake

Please read the abstract for a detailed overview:


Individual resilience is crucial amid rising global threats, yet risk perceptions and resilience worldwide remain inadequately elucidated. This research pioneers a global-scale analysis of individual risk perspectives and perceived resilience capacities. Leveraging survey data encompassing over 120 countries, we develop novel indices quantifying subjective risk perceptions, experiences, impacts, and resilience across diverse populations. Causal analysis techniques shed light on the complex dynamics shaping individual confidence in their resilience. We unveil vast disparities in risk impacts arising from differential adaptation rates. Income perception emerges as an outsized driver of resilience globally, though its influence varies contextually. Ultimately, this study challenges universal narratives of homogeneous risk experiences and perceived resilience worldwide. The globally-representative indices and causal insights provide vital evidence to inform context-specific, demographically-attuned interventions for strengthening resilience equitably. This research underscores the urgent need for inclusive policies tailored to localised risk landscapes.

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